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The main brand “Truelove” has the same title as the enterprise and Truelove blankets are widely known. While the concept “A Blanket Warms a World” embodies the profound connotations of the brand, the enterprise mission “Let the World Full of Truelove” penetrates deeper into people’s heart.
Truelove is an enterprise that takes mission & vision as the drive and “Customer, Progress, Share“ as the core value, bears lofty aspirations, continuously creates outstanding achievements and makes the customers satisfied and proud.

Truelove constantly provides high-quality products and considerate services for customers so as to provide true love to thousands of households!

The brand “Truelove” has been registered in countries such as China, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Algeria, Spain, France, Great Britain, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States and Yugoslavia so as to fully protect the need for operation based on brand strategy.